Friday, May 23, 2008

Easy Pork Chops

So my mom made these growing up and I loved them. (Which is kind of ironic since I HATE Ketchup) There is really not any recipe. Which seems to be the case with everything she makes.

Lean Pork Chops
Brown Sugar

Cook in a Frying pan.
Top each pork chop with Ketchup (as much as you like)
Sprinkle on brown sugar liberally.
Flip chops over and repeat.
When the sugar and Ketchup melt it creates a glaze.
Saute until cooked through.

We serve with white rice or rice pilaf.

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Bruner Family said...

YUM Whitney! And easy...I am always looking for good pork chop recipes...I LOVE pork chops!! Thanks for sharing. I am sure Justin will love this.