Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Chicken Paninis

My family loves these. You could easily add vegetables or any extras that you'd like to these sandwiches. This is how we do it though:

Pound chicken flat and cut in half (or thirds, depending on the size of your bread). Season chicken (I use garlic and pepper or an Italian blend that we love) and grill until done. In the meantime, slice French Bread diagonally (less that 1" thick) and spread Miracle Whip on each piece. When chicken is done, place 1 piece of chicken on every other piece of bread. Add a slice of cheese (we like Swiss) and then top with remaining piece of bread.

Butter the outside of the top piece of bread and place entire sandwich butter side down on the hot grill or sandwich maker (or skillet). Then butter the outside of the other piece of bread, which is now on top. Close grill and leave for just a couple of minutes. It doesn't take long. Its ready when your bread is golden and toasty!

(In the picture, I actually forgot to pound my chicken this last time I made it so it looks thicker than we've ever had it. Also I sliced my bread a little thicker than I usually do, but it was still delicious, none the less!)

panini - a traditional, small Italian sandwich filled with meat, cheese, grilled vegetables, etc., and usually toasted.

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Bruner Family said...

yummy kelly :) That is so smart to flatten the chicken out...I actually like chicken generally that way better anyways. These look so good. Thanks for posting!